My 3 Favorite Bloggers

I wanted to make a post specifically dedicated to the people that actually inspired me to take the leap into blogging. They are each so full of originality that it made the creative side of me jump!

I have followed these 3 on social media for years now, whether that started by subscribing to them on YouTube or stumbling across their Instagram. But, either way, I am so glad that I did!! I am 5 blog posts deep on this blogging journey of mine, and I am so excited to see where it takes me! If you are into girly, relatable, and aesthetically pleasing blogs, like me, then these are perfect for you! 

Let me know who your favorite bloggers are, and see you in my next post! :)


Amber Fillerup Clarke // Amber is a hair QUEEN!! She has a fast growing hair extension brand called Barefoot Blonde Hair, so if you need hair tips, tricks and styles...she is your go-to gal!!! I can't get enough of her posts and following along with her sweet family! Also, she is a fellow Arizonan ;)   

Aspyn Ovard // Aspyn is definitely my favorite lifestyle YouTube vlogger, so when she created a blog, I knew it would be just as girly and cute as she is! She and her husband travel more times in a month than I do in a year! I feel like I am living vicariously through her posts because of all the dreamy footage she gets..haha. She is definitely someone who is easy to relate to, and I love that!

Tara Michelle // Tara is from Canada but currently lives in Los Angeles. She shares awesome photos from her travels and adventures and has great taste in fashion! You can always count on her content to be eye catching, whether that's her blog or Instagram feed! Just through her posts, I can tell that she is a genuinely nice and down to earth person...we need more of her kind!!! haha

Jessica Bengtson