Day Trip To Flagstaff

Hey guys! I recently went on a little day trip to Flagstaff, Arizona with my sister! It's been over 100 degrees, so it was soooo nice to get away to some cooler weather (we're talking 75 degrees)! We spent the day walking up and down Downtown Flagstaff and going in all the cute little shops. We taste tested a random coffee shop along the way called "Matador" (verdict- the BEST coffee I've ever had). For lunch I got a giant salad, yummm! I swear the quality of food and drinks were better here, haha! While walking around we also spotted some awesome wall art alongside some buildings. I ended up getting some pretty awesome pictures, but they don't do justice for how beautiful Flagstaff really is!! It ended up being super short but an even sweeter getaway trip! :) 

Side note: I found a store with a bunch of The Office little knick knacks, and I literally wanted to buy everything!! The Jim and Dwight candles gave me a good laugh, but I settled for the sticker.

I hadn't used my GoPro in a couple years, so I thought this was the perfect trip to blow the dust off of it and give it some use! Here is a cool little montage of some of the things we got up to!

Thanks for reading! See you soon :)